Stand Out

We at Stand Out know that finding the right advocate to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and help you start to build your foundation.

How It All Started?

Melissa Lander and Marlene Lueck met in the summer of 2016 after mutual colleagues referred them to each other. Both parents of special needs children, they have endured the struggles that is the reality of being lost in the Regional Center System and struggling to understand services such as IHSS and Medi-cal. Both Melissa and Marlene had established their passion and determination in advocating for IHSS, Regional Center, CCS, and Medi-cal services within the special needs community. After learning about each other’s companies and the services they offered, they found that their individual fields complemented each other’s in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable ways.

Melissa and Marlene were inspired by their unique experiences working with families with special needs, and strongly believe that services such as IHSS, Regional Center, Medi-cal, CCS, and SSI are what builds a strong foundation.

More than that, Melissa and Marlene are devoted to giving back and helping families initiate, build, strengthen, advocate, and educate for their loved ones. We believe that advocating and winning cases is what makes our company stand out and thrive, and we have the passion that drives it. Unlike any other advocacy group, Stand Out offers a full suite of services to help at every step of your loved one’s journey.

Stand Out officially opened its doors in 2017, although Melissa and Marlene have been advocating and operating under separate businesses for more than a combined total of 25 years. Since opening, they’ve facilitated in garnering much needed services for more than 250 clients and established Russell’s Reinforcers as a non-profit corporation. In 2018, they brought on Lead Care Coordinator Jasmine Haro to work directly with clients, agencies, social workers, and various resources in Southern California. Earlier this year, Betty Haber joined the team as office manager. Both bring an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes their company the holistic solution for our most fragile loved ones.

I highly recommend Stand Out Advocates. Melissa and Marlene are courteous, professional, patient and very understanding. They know their business. I would advise anybody with a special needs child to give them a call and not to try to go it alone!
Carl L
Melissa and Marlene are the Dynamic Duo of advocacy! They are extremely knowledgable and have been there to help me with any questions that I have ranging from IHSS, Regional Center, IEP’s, or even just navigating life in general having a child with Special Needs. They are both professional, accessible, and relatable on every level! I value their insight and feel lucky to have them as a part of our team.
Natalie I
Marlene, Melissa and their staff are simply the best at what they do...helping parents of kids with special needs to obtain help necessary to adequately care fo their children. They have helped numerous people I know as well as members of my own family. No conflict here...I’ve seen their effectiveness at navigating the maze of governmental programs and forms AND their intuitive compassion for the clients they have. They are extremely successful at obtaining the right care and help for the clients they have. I recommend them HIGHLY and without reservation. They simply are the best.
Wayne D