A diagnosis doesn't change your child it helps explain them. It's the first step for them to get much needed services and to help set appropriate goals.

From finding the right person if child a diagnosis to helping you understand a diagnosis.   We will walk you through the process and get the right documentation to get your child the services they need.

Personal Support Plan

We'll build a straightforward action based plan for your loved one to start to prosper and grow and help you implement it every step of the way.

We look at every aspect of your family's needs and your family's situation and put together a plan that is not only comprehensive but timely.  We address behavior, ABA teams, Floortime, RDI, DTT, Adaptive Skills, CBT, speech, occupational therapy,  diets, medications, and anything that is affecting your family.  We then put that plan into action.



Resource Coordination

Whether it's securing an IEP, Regional Center services or IHSS payments, Stand Out will get your loved one all the resources they are entitled to. 

We are experts in understanding the rules, timelines and considerations for getting these resources.  We make sure you are maximizing its potential.

Dispute Resolution

Stand Out's advocates are experts at representing families who have been denied the level of services they have the right to receive. 

It is always better to set you up for success but if needed we will be by your side for as long as it takes to get you the resolution that you are entitled to.